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The Lola Tessie Community Art Project

Paint Session Dates

You can participate virtually or in person.  In person classes will resume in Spring/Summer 2022.  Class takes place outside on the grass in South Bay Los Angeles (Gardena), socially distanced, with no more than 6 participants from 11am-12:30pm on Saturday.  Masks are required for in-person paint sessions indoors.  For virtual paint sessions, please contact Dawn via email.

In-Person Sessions:

  2022 Dates TBD

Virtual Sessions:

Email Dawn for more info.

Silent Auction: 2022 TBD
Can't make session dates/times?  No Problem!
If you'd like to participate in the community art installation, but you're not available on one of the above dates, let's find a date that works! Or if you'd like to volunteer your time to help complete the installation, contact us here as well.  Thank you! Send us a message to inquire.

In Person (Socially Distanced)

For in person paint sessions we will be outside on a grass lawn in south bay Los Angeles (Gardena), socially distanced, with no more than 6 participants.  This is a great way to schedule a time for your family or social pod to paint together.  Please note: face masks are required for all in-person paint sessions. Waivers must be completed for all participants or their legal guardians.

Virtual Session

Virtual Paint Sessions will require a stable internet connection and will be held over Zoom.  A supply kit will be needed which includes: canvases, paints, gloves (optional), plastic table cloth or covering, and cups for pouring.  We can deliver your paint kit within a 3-mile radius, ship at your cost, or you can schedule a pick up.  An outdoor space is ideal with a 6' table to work on.  Indoor works, but you will want to protect all carpets/porous surfaces from acrylic paint as it will not come out once it sets/dries (which happens quickly).

Not interested in painting but want to contribute to the cause?  Awesome!

If you'd like to support our project, you can donate toward the costs of supplies to continue providing paint sessions for free in the community.  You can also join our mailing list for updates on how to participate in our silent auction and bid on one (or more!) of the art pieces from the installation.  Check our Blog and follow us on Instagram @lolatessieart to keep up with what we're doing and to find out how to bid on artwork.
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