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Acrylic Flow - The Art of Letting Go

Art Is Therapeutic!

Participating in Acrylic Flow - the Art of Letting Go, is a perfect practice for exploring the unknown.  Through self -expression, creativity and mindfulness,  each of us can build self-esteem and confidence, rediscovering our sense of self.  Our collective artistic voices foster empathy, human connection, and community. Students purposefully engage in the process of creating: taking risks, making mistakes, exploring and connecting in a safe, fun, invigorating space intentionally curated for creative expression, acceptance, and fluidity.  


What To Expect

We encourage our artists to dive into the practice of creating without attachment and releasing expectations.  Doing so allows us to be present to whatever unfolds.  It is a natural space for play and an avenue to healing and growth. No prior art or painting experience is needed.

Art In The Community

We partner with schools and community organizations to provide Acrylic Flow workshops to teachers and children.  In under-resourced communities, our goal is to provide the class at no or low cost to all students.  Please contact us below if you are interested in starting a program at your school or with a community group, or if you're interested in connecting us with funding to create this resource in a community!  


We specialize in training teachers and youth leaders to create a sustainable program anywhere.  Together we can create a movement that will positively impact our communities’ ability to be resilient and flourish, one student, one school, one organization, one neighborhood at a time!  Come join us and experience the joy of Acrylic Flow - the Art of Letting Go!


What Clients Say...

"Thank you for all the intentionality of holding space for our creativity and non attachment, to be free to have fun and explore."
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