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LTCAP Session 6! (10/18/20)

This was a special reunion of some of the wonderful women of NYA (Neighborhood Youth Association) ❤️ Abby (and her cousin whose name I can't remember right now!!!!), Sonia, Yvonne, Nancy, and Kristine❤️

If you know NYA, you know how special these women are, how special they are to me, and how special they are to the hundreds of children and families whose lives they've impacted over the past 30+ years (or more, Abby???). This was such a gift spending time with these beautiful, fun, compassionate women. I volunteered and worked at NYA for over 15 years until 2017... I miss them so much. We've all shed blood, sweat and tears together. AND LAUGHTER... these women are the best.

The Notorious Y.V.O.N.N.E.


(Abby & her cuz, Nancy, Sonia, Kristine, and Yvonne talking in the background)

BTW - if listening to the audio in the video above, I do a terrible job of explaining the use of glue - I'm a terrible multi-tasker... basically it's used as a pouring medium for your paint - you mix it with paint to help it in several ways- as a binder, it helps with all stages of the painting, including the pouring/smooth flow, keeping colors from bleeding/mixing into each other, keeping the paint from cracking when it dries... and there are a number of mediums you can use; glue happens to be an affordable and reliable option. ;)

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