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9/19/20 Paint Session 1!!!!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

We did it! And I have to say, cooking this up in my brain just a couple weeks before making it happen was a bit scary at first. But Session 1 of the Lola Tessie Community Art Project is in the books, and it was an absolute blast seeing everyone making beautiful works of art while making an absolutely beautiful mess!! Which we then turned into more art 😂 ❤️❤️ (see link below).

Special THANK YOU shout outs to Isabel & Betsy from LGH Ceramics & my Knotts Fam; Jenni, Kim, Min & Naomi from my BNB Family; and my sistah buddy Erica from LMSTA! You guys are the BEST - thanks for trusting me with 2 hours of your Saturday. I hope you guys loved the experience as much as I loved being a part of it.

More pics and videos are posted on Instagram @lolatessieart... check us out and follow us! Here’s a link to the group pour at the end of the session, using ALL the left over paint:

Until next time!!!

Dawn aka Wolf Mama 😘

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